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Measles Outbreak: How Do I Protect My Family? | 7/11/2019

With measles cases across the country breaking all records many families are contacting us to understand how they can best protect their children and themselves. This article was created to answer some of our frequently asked questions.

Concussions | 3/5/2019

We are hearing often from families about concerns for concussion following head injury. There is not complete agreement on the degree of rest needed to allow young brains to heal. In general, if you experience any degree off headache, dizziness, mental fogginess within 24 hours of a minor head injury, it's related to some degree of minor head trauma or concussion. For more information please review these resources on our website and from the CDC


At our office, we believe that raising a child is a rewarding—as well as a challenging—experience for a parent. Our goal at Taos Clinic for Children and Youth is to help you enjoy this experience and to ensure that your child's full potential is reached. We believe that healthy children are the results of healthy families and communities.

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